Frozen Fruits & Vegetables

Sides, toppings, fillings, and more from farm to freezer. Sprinkle blueberries on smoothies or bake a pie. Use mixed vegetables as sides or in casseroles. Choices are many, and delicious.

Visit your local grocer to see Full Circle’s entire assortment of frozen fruits and vegetables; here are some shopper favorites:

Organic Blueberries 10 Oz
Organic Raspberries10 Oz
Organic Berry Medley10 Oz
Organic Strawberries10 Oz
Organic Peas12 Oz
Organic Mixed Vegetables12 Oz
Organic Corn12 Oz
Organic Cut Green Beans12 Oz
Organic Broccoli Florets12 Oz
Fresh Frozen Chopped Basil1.76 Oz
Fresh Frozen Chopped Cilantro1.76 Oz
Fresh Frozen Chopped Garlic2.65 Oz
Fresh Frozen Chopped Parsley1.76 Oz