Grains, Pasta & Beans

Twirl some organic goodness on the end of your fork. Serve up flavorful sides and salads. Options abound with everything from gluten-free penne to long-grain brown rice.

Visit your local grocer to see Full Circle’s entire assortment; here are some of our most popular items:

Organic Green Lentils16 Oz
Organic Pinto Beans16 Oz
Organic Great Northern Beans16 Oz
Organic Navy Beans16 Oz
Organic Kidney Beans16 Oz
Organic Black Beans16 Oz
Organic Lima Beans16 Oz
Organic Garbanzo Beans16 Oz
Organic Long Grain Brown Rice2 Lb
Organic Basmati White Rice2 Lb
Organic Long Grain White Rice2 Lb
Organic Basmati Brown Rice2 Lb
Organic Spaghetti16 Oz
Organic Gluten Free Penne14 Oz
Organic Whole Wheat Spaghetti16 Oz
Organic Gluten Free Fusilli 14 Oz
Organic Whole Wheat Angel Hair16 Oz
Organic Angel Hair16 Oz
Organic Whole Wheat Penne12 Oz
Organic Gluten Free Conchiglie14 Oz
Organic Gluten Free Rigatoni14 Oz
Organic Quinoa16 Oz