Whether you like your munchies sweet or salty, you go for what’s smart. Full Circle offers many wise choices, from organic popcorn and cookies to soy crisps and fruit twists.

Visit your local grocer to see Full Circle’s entire snack assortment; here are some of our most popular items:

Organic Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips9 Oz
Organic Restaurant Style Blue Blue Tortilla Chips9 Oz
Organic Restaurant Style Blue Yellow Tortilla Chips9 Oz
Ripple Potato Chips10 Oz
Kettle Potato Chips8 Oz
Bbq Kettle Chips8 Oz
Organic Animal Cookies8 Oz
Organic Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies8 Oz
Organic Honey Graham Teddy Bears8 Oz
Organic Chocolate Sandwich Cookies16 Oz
Organic Round Snack Cracker10 Oz
Organic Cheese Crackers7 Oz
Organic Honey Graham Cracker14.4 Oz
Organic Cinnamon Graham Cracker14.4 Oz
Organic Applesauce Cups6 Pk
Organic Unsweetened Applesauce Cups6 Pk
Organic Cinnamon Applesauce Cups6 Pk
Wild Berry Fruit Strips8 Ct
Strawberry Fruit Strips8 Ct
Strawberry Fruit Twists6 Ct
Wild Berry Fruit Twists6 Ct
Dinosaurs Fruit Bites6 Ct
Sharks & Whales Fruit Bites6 Ct
Apple Banana Applesauce Squeeze Pouch4 Pk
Unsweetened Applesauce Squeeze Pouch4 Pk
Seedless Raisins6 Pk
Organic Salted Popcorn3 Ct
Organic Butter Popcorn3 Ct
Organic Light Butter Popcorn3 Ct
Organic No Salt/ No Butter Popcorn3 Ct
Unsalted Rice Cakes4.9 Oz
Lightly Salted Rice Cakes4.9 Oz
Multigrain Rice Cakes4.9 Oz
Strawberry Cobbler Cereal Bar6 Ct
Blueberry Cobbler Cereal Bar6 Ct
Apple Cobbler Cereal Bar6 Ct
Sea Salt Soy Crisps3.5 Oz
Bbq Soy Crisps3.5 Oz
Cheddar Soy Crisps3.5 Oz
Ranch Soy Crisps3.5 Oz
Organic Original Jerky3.0 Oz
Organic Teriyaki Jerky3.0 Oz
Chips Root Vegetable5.0 Oz
Chips Sweet Potato5.0 Oz
Potato Chip10.0 Oz